Level 1 Digital Breakout

You guys!! How am I just learning about Digital Breakouts?! What a fantastic way to load up the little darlings with tons of Comprehensible Input AND give this exhausted teacher a break! They work hard and I get the chance to sit back and marvel at how far they’ve come and how much they’ve acquired!! Win-win!

My dear friend Julie first opened my eyes to the beauty of Digital Breakouts by showing me Nelly Hughes’s Interumpimos este programa (check out her Comprendes Méndez store on Teachers pay Teachers for other great resources!)

My Spanish 2s totally loved Nelly’s “Escape Digital” and I didn’t want my Spanish 1s to be left out of the fun! Since Nelly doesn’t have any breakouts for level 1, I decided I would make one. And then I didn’t think about anything else until I did.  (Crazy and obsessed!) Seriously, I sat at my desk for 4 and a half hours last week writing this ¡Haz los quehaceres! Escape Digital. Full disclosure: I have to admit the clues were inspired by Nelly’s Interumpimos este programa! Like ALL of them… I have no original ideas. Gracias, Nelly!

To play: Divide students into groups of 2-4 students and it works best for everyone to have a device.

To increase the motivation (but honestly, they would have been engaged without it!) I announced that the first team to break out would earn 3 stamps, the second team would earn 2 stamps and the 3rd place team would earn 1 stamp on their Stamp Sheet. Since they were still working hard after the 3rd place teach finished, I decided that I would stamp anyone who “escaped” and the students who already were finished practiced vocab on Quizlet.

Give them the link : Escape digital: Haz los quehaceres and walk them through the main screen. We read and translated it together. In my 3rd period class, I just turned them loose and there was a lot of panic “What do we do!?” “Where are the instructions?!” “Ahhh!“… for my 7th period I set them up better, explaining that they would have to solve each puzzle and showed them where to type in their solutions.  They should read everything closely and think about different ways the puzzle could be solved. 7th period was a lot calmer and solved the puzzles faster without any clues…I guess it’s all in the set up! Students can read all the clues but if they can click “make a copy” if they would like to be able to edit the document, if they think that will help them solve the puzzles. 

Haz los quehaceres

They’ll click on the links, figure out the puzzles then they’ll type their answers into a google form and t get instant feedback- if they don’t have the answer correct, the answer field stays red and they are unable to submit their answers until they’ve figured out the correct word, words or numbers.

Clues and answers: This Escape Digital took my Spanish 1s about 20-35 minutes to complete. Depending of timing you might want to give them a few clues to move them along if they get stuck, but hold off until the end. Warning: I saw some kids were typing in the story into google translate, which I was not happy with. I stopped everyone and told them that they should be able to figure out the stories without an online translator…if they come to an unknown word, they can use google translate for a single translation, but typing in an entire story is NOT a good use of time!

Palabra secreta # 1:

Answer: playa

They shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out that their friends went to the beach using the secret decoder.

Número secreto #2:

Answer: 24578

This one is easy, as long as they pay attention to the very first EdPuzzle clue, which instructs them to pay attention to the False answers, then they just type in the question numbers that correspond with the statements that are false. If they get frustrated, direct them to the very first question on Ed Puzzle and ask them to read it out loud to you.

Palabra secreta #3:

Answer: mom

The ransom note looks very complicated with a secret message embedded into it… really they just have to read it and answer the question at the bottom, “¿quién escribió esta nota?”  If they need additional clues, point out the ending on “frustrada” or “Gracias, hij@” at the bottom.

Palabras secretas #4:

Answer: help your mom

In this puzzle they read a story. As they read they’ll notice there are footnotes attached to specific words, but no definitions at the bottom. This was the one that confused them…because there were no explicit instructions. Let them struggle for a while before giving any hints.

When I was ready to help them a bit, I said “when I give you a footnote, what do I also give you at the bottom of the page?” (Answer- translation) then I pointed where they are to write in the translation. The colored boxes spell out the secret words (and give them good life advice too! De nada to the mamás out there.)

Número secreto #5:

Answer: doce

This last puzzle is video of an obnoxious mom hollering at her son while he is doing chores. There are comprehension questions along the way…but really they don’t have anything to do with the answer. It’s not until the last one that asks “How many times does the mom call the boy’s name?” They should watch it again, count them up, then write out the answer in Spanish. (10 times she yells Nicolás and 2 times she calls his nickname Nico… I included his nickname in the total count…if kids are having a tough time counting them up, give them that hint)

There it is, folks. My first Digital Breakout. Please let me know how it worked and if you have any suggestions. (Or ideas for new clues, because like I said before, I need help thinking of clues and puzzles!)

Stay tuned, I’m working on a Gran Hotel Digital Breakout for my Spanish 4s to play after their final exam. I’m totally obsessed! (Like for reals, I woke up at 5:30 on SATURDAY morning, and before my husband woke up at 7, I had written a WikiParody site, created a FakeBook profile and Instagram Post for our favorite character, Andrés.) (#CrazyandObsessed!)


  1. This is great! Do I have to do anything different to the google form to get it into my google classroom for them, or they can just access the link?


  2. Thank you so much! Used today for kids and they loved it. I’m pretty much going to make one for every unit now 🙂


    • I’m so happy to hear it! I had the same thought yesterday…I’ll be making more too! So much input!!!


  3. ¡Hola! This looks like a really engaging activity, but I’ve run into a few problems trying to do it today. Three of the links don’t work. Well, they work fine for me, but my students get a message telling them that they need permission. I’m not sure if the problem is on our end. I’ve got IT working on it but thought I’d see if there’s a simple fix that I’m missing.
    Thanks for creating this and for sharing it!!


  4. Thank you for sharing this! I’d been wanting to try a digital escape and we have just been learning about chores so it was perfect. I ran into the same problem with the links, but realized what I needed to do to fix it (make a copy of each link) then the students could see them. I tried not explaining it with one class, and then detailed explained it with the second class. They completed it much quicker with fewer confusions, but isn’t that the fun of a real ‘escape’. I’ve been to one twice and sometimes you do get started down the wrong path. My classes are middle schoolers, so I maybe they are not at the age to appreciate having to rethink how to do something again.

    I had put yellow crepe paper across the door to ‘lock’ the kids in, and the first group done got to bust through it. That was a hit.

    Thanks for letting me try this out! I’ve done many of your things so your blog is a valuable resource to me.


    • Thanks for the head up… I think it’s set up so that everyone can view all the links, but yes, students can make a copy of the documents, if they would like. I’ll add a note about it in the blog post!


  5. Thanks for sharing. However, the second Edpuzzle no longer works. It seems that the Sr. Wooly remake is no longer online. Do you have a quick solution? If not, I will try to recreate something for that clue. Thanks again for sharing.


    • Oh no!!! I had no idea that the edpuzzle is down! I can rework that clue but probably not until tonight or tomorrow…today is our first day of school!! Thanks for letting me know and I’ll work on that! I’m sorry!


  6. Thanks for sharing. However, the second Edpuzzle is not working. It says the Sr. Wooly remake is no longer online. Do you have a quick solution? If not, I will try to create something else for that clue.
    Thanks again for sharing your work.


    • And…we’re back in business! It should be fixed now with a different EdPuzzle video. Thank you for your note!


  7. do the responses from the google form automatically get sent to me or how do I make sure I recieve the responses?


      • The results all come to me, but it’s set up so students can’t submit incorrect responses. So, if they show you the “congratulations” Page, you know they got the correct answers.


  8. I’m sorry to sound like an “oldie” but how exactly do I copy the links etc so that my students can work with this? I managed to make a copy of the breakout to my drive. Then what should I do next? Kinda new to this. Gracias.


    • Hi- share the link for the breakout (not the blog post) with your students. If they want to edit a document to help them figure it out, they should click “make a copy” then they can edit it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. So all I do is share the breakout link and they will watch it from their computers. Will their answering questions as they go change anything? Should I copy all of the linked documents to my drive? Gracias


      • Hi- yep, just give them the breakout link and they’ll do the rest. They’ll enter their answers into the form. You won’t get a copy of their answers, but they can’t submit it unless their answers are correct. If they show you the “congratulations” page, you know they got all the answers right. Just tell them that if they want access to a page to figure it out, click “make a copy”

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Still not able to get number 5 to open. It wants them to create an account on Edpuzzle? Says they don’t have access? Any ideas? Thank you! Great game!


    • I’m sorry about that Denise. It looks like Ed puzzle removed the ability to share a video publicly. I sent them an email this morning asking them what I can do. In the meantime, if you want to use it with students, search for the YouTube video called Nikko y sus quehaceres. The clue is “¿Cuántas veces grita la mamá al niño?”


  10. This is great!! thank you fro sharing. I am new to this type of activity, so I have a couple questions.. each student in the group is supposed to have a device an complete the activity ? or is just one device per group? Thanks in advance!


  11. I’ve been looking for something like this for my kids- but I don’t speak Spanish! Could you briefly share how you created each of the clues. I see you used a few different types of clues, so I’m looking for ways to create clues without having to generate a lot of the content myself. Thank you!


  12. Hi Senora!

    I would love to make one, but I don’t speak Spanish! Do you have any tips for creating tasks from scratch? I teach Chinese. Any advice would be helpful!


    • Hi Michelle- sorry, I’ve been swamped with finals and the end of the semester! Send me an email and I’ll explain the process once everything settles down! Senorachase at gmail 🙂


    • I believe the link is at the bottom of the Google slide, where all the clues are embedded. Be sure to tell your students they can click “file” then “make a copy” if they want to be able to edit a clue!


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