A conference and a give away

Today I’m at the Professional Language Association of Nevada’s fall conference with my PLC People and I’m excited to present to my fellow Nevadans.  If you’re here at the conference (or if you wish you were here at the conference!) here are my slideshows with links to everything!

What is CI? Why should I care? And how do I do it?!

Input games: Let’s play

And…. I have a little give away for you too! I’ve been blessed to get a bunch of new titles in my Free Reading Library lately, which I’ve been devouring during our Free Reading time every class.  I’ve just finished two books that I absolutely LOVED! Have you read:







Caras vemos hooked me right at the very beginning and each class that I read, I felt compelled to tell my Spanish 4s as the mystery unfolded. The main character wakes up in a park with no memory of what happened or even who she is! We had a great discussion of what they would do if the same thing happened to them! The language is simple without feeling too repetitive and I think this would be a great choice for level 2 students and beyond. This book is engaging, kept me guessing and I’ll admit it, our reading time got stretched out a bit longer because I wanted to keep reading! I know this is going to be a favorite in our class library- it’s one of mine!

Gritos en Granada  Is a suspenseful thrillerish novel with a mysterious gypsy girl who keeps popping up and freaking out the main characters (and me!) It is fun to read and made me add Granada to my Travel Wish List! With the all the suspense and intrigue, this one would be a blast to read aloud as a class. The language is rich and colorful and level 3+ students will enjoy this one!

Want to add these books to your library?! I’m feeling generous because you’ve been generously buying from my Amazon Associate links! Thank you! Leave me a message below with your favorite Free Reading titles in your library! I’ll pick 2 random comments on September 20th, at 8:00 pm Pacific Time, and I’ll send you an email to get your mailing address…the Amazon elves will take care of the rest!

And if you’re feeling left out because you only teach Spanish 1 and you really want to win but those books would not be comprehensible for your little darlings, we’ll add these to the give away:


MIldred quiere un novio! and  A Puerco le gusta hacer selfies!  are cute Spanish picture books that are highly sought after when my Spanish 1s begin free reading in January.  So comment with your favorite title in your library…and if you win and I’ll ask you which pair of books would be best for your little darlings!


  1. I think my favorite books in my library are “Las apariencias engañan” and its sequel “El armario”.
    My upper level students love them – they’re the kind they don’t want to put down!

    Sooo generous of you to give these books to a lucky winner! I’ve been building my FVR library over the past couple of years, and I’m so excited that now my colleagues are sold on the idea, too, and starting to collect books and find funding!


  2. Favorite Spanish 3 and above is Vids o muerte en la marasalvatrucha. For 4th for sure La Guerra sucia. I love the themes and insights of these books. I seriously need more upper level books!


  3. Awesome resources and ideas but do you have a written explanation or link to your game slideshow for those of use that couldn’t be there live for your presentation?
    thank you


    • If you click on the link for the slideshow, you’ll see a computer icon for each game. That will take you to a link with a video for that game!


  4. Hola Señora Chase! Yo solo tengo Brandon Brown quiere un perro y Billy y las botas en mi ‘biblioteca’ porque empecé en una escuela nueva y tuvimos que comprar un currículo, pues yo no quería pedir más este año! Me encantaría expandir mi biblioteca para mis estudiantes!


  5. Thank you so much for all the awesome ideas awesome ideas you share on you blog!
    I got my school to buy a Fluency Matters starter pack last year, but I’ve been starting to slowly add new books this year so my returning students have something new to read. I really like Casa Dividida- it was my first novel unit that I tried out, and I definitely learned a lot from it too! My students last year loved the Brandon Brown books for silent reading time.


  6. I just left a suburban school with a huge FVR library for an urban school with nothing but a class set of Porbre Ana Moderna. I “look forward” to finding funds to purchase “Bart Quiere un Perro” Felipe Alou, Vidas impactantes, Señor Wooly Graphic Organizers, y Hija de Sastre to name of few of the favorites from my old school. Keep writing and sharing ideas, they are working their way up to Northern Minnesota!!


  7. My students love Vida y muerte en la mara salvatrucha as well. Having annanonymous author gets their attention! Thank you for all of your great ideas Senora Chase!


  8. My Spanish 2 students ADORE Edi el elefante. I know it is easy, but I think that’s why they love it so much! I had to borrow more from the other Spanish teacher so more of them could read it! Another that they love is El ratón Pablito. I think the images just pull them into the story!


  9. Hello!

    I’ve read “Bart quiere un gato” and I love that the readers can choose the way the story goes! My kiddos really like that title as well. Papacito would probably have to be my second favorite since the boys and girls get a kick out of Valeria!

    Thank you for this giveaway and your awesome blog!


  10. Thank you for all of your amazing advice! If it weren’t for you and all your awesomeness, I’d still be using my textbook and not know a thing about CI!
    I just started FVR with my kiddos this year and it’s going well so far! I just read “Todo lo que brilla” and I really enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Unfortunately I am just starting to seek funding for a new FVR library in my Spanish 1 classroom after reading about it this summer! I’d love to win a few new books to add!


  12. Hola Senora Chase
    This is my first year teaching Spanish 1. So far its been going great, but I have no library. It would be awesome to have a starter book to read with my kiddos! Also thank you for all of your amazing ideas that you have shared.


  13. Thank you for all you do Senora Chase! I love your blog posts they always seem so timely! I loved El Escape and my students love anything by Craig Klein Dexemple – especially el raton pablito and papacito they laugh out loud and appreciate an easier read available to them.


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