Happy Birthday & TPT Sale

Hello friends!

I’ve been adding things to The Chase Place, my TPT store lately, and I wanted to share my goodies with you!

And since I just celebrated a birthday last week, I thought that was a pretty good reason to throw my first TPT sale! (I should have thrown a sale last week, during my actual birthday, but it was a pretty rough day…we had to put our beloved Aussie Newton to sleep that day…then we got in a train accident. I’m not kidding. We were on a train, trying to celebrate my birthday, but not feeling very celebratory, on account of Little Newtie,  when BAM! Another train rear-ended us! Talk about a bad day!)

So this week it is! From Monday to Thursday, everything at The Chase Place is 20% off! (I wanted to make it 37% off, since I just embarked on my 37th trip around the sun…but the Fine Folks at TPT do not let you custom choose your percentages…so 20% is better than 15%, right?) 

I’m especially proud of this Unit Plan Movie Talk, with everything you need to Movie Talk Android’s Rock, Paper, Scissors commercial AND talk to your students about Bullying, all in comprehensible Spanish. It’s got 8 days worth of lesson plans, 3 slideshows, a detailed Movie Talk script, a Movie Talk Jumble, Quick Draw game, a Celebration of Knowledge and a gazillion more goodies. It’s one of my favorite Movie Talks, its so easy to talk about in Spanish AND it’s just so heart warming!

Papel, roca, tijera movie talk


If you’re a fan on my ACTFL Interpretive Quick Quizzes, check out my ACTFL inspired Writing and Speaking rubrics. Writing & Speaking rubrics

And I really love my Animal Partner Sheets to pair students up quickly and give them some extra comprehensible input! I rely on these so much that I even use these in my Freshman Seminar (taught in English!) Class.

Los compañeros bundle (1)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! And stay tuned for some exciting announcements…Señora Chase is taking her show on the road! I’m finalizing a few conferences and workshops for this Spring and Summer. I can’t wait to share the details with you as soon as everything is firmed up!

Rest in Peace, Sweet Newton! We miss you so much!


  1. Happy birthday! I celebrated one as well and i was just glad we didn’t have parent teacher conferences (it has happened before). I wish you would’ve had a better day though!!


  2. I’m so sorry about your dog! Mindee

    On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 10:45 AM Loading up my little darlings with Comprehensib


  3. Feliz cumpleaños Anne Marie!! I bought the Rock Paper Scissors unit this morning and am so excited to use it this week! Gracias por el descuento!


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