Fancied-up Picture Talks: Comprehensifying Authentic Resources

Someone, someone who I’ve searched for in vain to find out who to credit here, someone shared a really cool Día de los Muertos invitation on one of the fabulous Facebook CI groups, with the comment, “I love using invitations as authentic resources, because they’re so comprehensible.” (If that was you, or you know who posted it, please, please, please let me know because I really would like to send that person my eternal gratitude!)

Anyway, I projected the invitation during my 2nd period class Spanish 1 class, and I gave them a minute or two with a partner, to figure out as much as they could. Then we had fun talking about the invitation, as I googled pictures of some key words like “Papel picado” and “Calaveritas”…when, while I was teaching, I got this brilliant and revolutionary idea for a picture talk…a fancied up picture talk…a way to make Authentic Resources come alive and make them WAY EASIER and MUCH SMOOTHER to talk about. This is big, guys. This is really big!

Right after class, I embedded all those links, maps, and things we talked about right INTO the original picture. So all I had to do was click around the picture to illustrate what I was talking about. It was so easy to stay comprehensible and stay in Spanish! JUST WATCH:

So rather than just making a slideshow, that advances slides in order, you can click anywhere on the slide to take you to a new slide, then back to the original image. This is going to change my life! All of a sudden, I’m really excited about using Authentic Resources as Fancied-Up Picture Talks. It took me a bit to figure it out, but once I got my rhythm down, it took me  no time at all. Here’s a step by step tutorial: Creating Fancied-Up Picture Talks:

(And don’t worry if you’re not too techy…this video will give you lots of Tech Comprehensible Input 😉

If you’d like to use either of these in class as Picture Talks, well here you go!

Día de los Muertos invitación

Corrida de Toros, Llererna 

I’m so excited about this, the possibilities are endless! I’d love to see what you come up with!!



  1. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing – gives me some ideas also!


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  2. What an awesome way to take authentic resources to the next level! With a little pre-planning the resource really comes to life! I will definitely be trying this.
    Thank you for this tutorial! Very easy to follow (even for this “seasoned” teacher 😉)


  3. I’m new to CI, and this is going to be my first picture talk! Thanks for sharing. We were planning to talk about Day of the Dead today, so this will be PERFECT.


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