Interpretive Quick Quizzes for distance learning

Crazy times, folks! I know many of you are figuring out what “loading up the Little Darlings with Comprehensible Input”  looks like, when you’re not face to face, when schools are closed, you’re stock piling toilet paper,  and you’ve got a computer between you and your kiddos. And I know many, many of you (myself included!) are thinking ahead. For us,  school hasn’t closed…yet, but the possibility is looking more likely as cases of Covid-19 pop up closer to home.

First let’s take a deep breath. Let’s not give into the panic and hysteria. If you’re looking for some encouragement and peace during these crazy times, I’ve written a devotional for teachers that you might find calms your soul. My source of peace is Jesus, and especially when the world is nutso outside, that’s where I find refuge.

And let’s be thankful. Providing CI through a computer isn’t ideal…I’d much rather be in my classroom, chatting with my Little Darlings, looking them in the eye …BUT, we have a lot of resources we can use, to give them CI AND connect with them. I am so blessed by this incredible community of CI teachers and companies who have so generously offered their tools to make your job a little bit less stressful during a stressful time!

Free Resources:

Fluency Matters is offering FREE online E-courses for a bunch of different novels if your school is closed! 

Señor Wooly is offering 2 weeks of FREE Señor Wooly Pro!

Martina Bex has 10 days of FREE Lesson Plans and resources for Spanish teachers!

Kristy Placido has FREE resources for intermediate learners: Noche boca arriba embedded readings, Una familia migrante news article, Chac Mool embedded reading, Las fiestas de San Isidro reading and a bunch more!

Lots of generous teachers are using the hashtag #COVID19WL to make their FREE resources easy to find on Teachers Pay Teachers

Interpretive Quick Quizzes…online!

I love using my Reading and Listening Quick Quizzes, with ANY text or video, as an easy way for me to gauge how much they’re understanding. (Here’s the original post, if you’d like to read more.)

In order to make them a bit easier for students and teachers working from home, here’s the same concept, but as a google form.

When you click on the link below, it will prompt you to “make a copy”…you should edit your copy with the name of the reading text or listening video, then you’ll be able to share your link with your Little Darlings, and be able to see their responses. Easy peasy! (If that is not Easy Peasy for you…there is a picture tutorial below!)

Thanks to Allysen Clancy’s comment, we figured out you can even drop a YouTube video right into the Google Form. How fancy is that?!

The beauty of these forms is that you can use them with ANYTHING, and they’re all ready to go! I love to use them with Pablo Roman’s Dreaming in Spanish Videos and El mundo en tus manos news articles. You can even use Google Meet to record you talking through a Power Point or Movie Talk! (So your Little Darlings who miss you, won’t miss listening to you 😉  For my upper level and my Heritage Little Darlings, I just discovered BrainPop En Español, and here is a list of all the FREE BrainPop Videos and readings. 

Not so techy?

Need a step by step guide for using the Quick Quiz Links Above? Here you go!

After you click on a quick, you’ll see this:

Google forms copy 1

Then you’ll add the title of your reading or video:

Google forms copy 2

You might also want to edit the Class Period options, if they don’t work for your school.

Embedding a YouTube video into Google Forms:

If you  don’t want to embed a YouTube video, skip the next 3 pictures! If you want to drop a YouTube video directly into the Google Form, click on the Class Period Section, then select the Video icon:

Google forms 9

Then search for your YouTube video:

Google form 10

You’ll see your YouTube video in your form. Write instructions for your students, then click on the eyeball, copy the link and you’re all set!

Google form 11

Posting the Quick Quiz for your students:

Then post this link, along with a link to a reading or video on whatever platform you use. We love Google Classroom in my district!

Google forms copy 3


Then, to see your little darlings’ responses, open the form in your google drive:

Google forms copy 4

Then you’ll want to create a google sheets to display their responses:

Google forms copy 5

Create a new one, and write the name of the reading or video:

Google forms copy 6

Once you have your spreadsheet, there are a few tricks to make it easier for you to use. You can sort it by class, or by last name:

Google forms 7

And you can make the text “wrap around” so you can see everything:

Google forms 8

Then you’ll have all your students’ responses, in a nice, tidy format. You might want to add another column where you write in their score.

Stay Organized!

I just learned a nifty trick…you can take all your responses from all your quizzes and funnel them into ONE Google Sheets, so it’s easy to find them all! For a step-by-step tutorial and a few other sweet Google Classroom tricks, check out this post. 

And to make your life 1,000 times easier,you can set up your form to send you a notification when one of your Little Darlings turns in their homework late! This is a game changers, folks!!

A word about grading the Quick Quizzes

To make the math easy (and my friends, all the math in my life is easy math!), I always score these out of 10 points. So a kiddo who shows me he understood everything  will get a 100%, 10/10 in the grade book. A kid who shows you some understanding of specific details (but not all the details) could get anywhere from a 90% (9/10 in the book) to a 99% (9.9/10 in the book). For a kiddo who gets the main idea, but doesn’t have specific details (even if they’ve written things in the A section… but they’re just rephrasing main ideas), you score that anywhere between an 80%-89% (so 8.something in your gradebook.)  You’re the teacher, you get to decide how much they showed you they understood and assign a number accordingly. Don’t stress too much about it. Worry more about washing your hands and stockpiling the toilet paper.

And speaking of toilet paper…

I am not really one to panic and buy 1,000 rolls of TP at Costco. We’ve got the normal amount stored under the bathroom sink. I wouldn’t normally be worried about the Nationwide TP Shortage, but The Puppy has gone through 3 rolls in 3 days. Lord help us!

Stay safe, my friends, and protect your toilet paper!


  1. THANK YOU! just check the level 3 listening…it does not prompt you to make a copy and it does not seem possible to make a copy. Don’t want it to get messed up for you!


    • 😊 Gracias! These resources and your inspiration are a blessing to world language educators.
      This was the best site that I have encountered for concrete strategies and ideas.


  2. These resources are fantastic!!!!! Not only for this situation, but for when we have sick students that can’t come to school!
    And I loved the pic of your puppy!!!

    Thanks a million!


  3. This is amazing, thank you! I so appreciate your step-by-step instructions. Even though I’ve used Google Forms many times, I didn’t know how to embed a video or use the wrap around tool, so helpful.


  4. I LOVE these quick quizzes and I am SO grateful you share them so graciously. I was wondering if you have a quick go to rubric for speaking? I teach level 2.


  5. Thank you so much! I was just about to do this with your quizzes myself. I also learned about embedding the video! Mil gracias!!


  6. Hi, and THANKS. Does Sheets automatically load grades into the G gradebook? If so I’m in. With 150 students I need automatic grading. I like your system but it means I will be grading 150 papers every two days. With Forms I can give 5 true/false quiz questions and it’s done. Just figuring it out like all of us


    • I don’t know- we don’t use G gradebook. I wouldn’t do a quick quiz every class period, that sounds like way too much to grade! But I do like them for bigger assessments or every once in a while because they give me a good picture of how much they understand. Good luck this year!


  7. Hi! For the comprehension quizzes, do you let them listen and read while they have the form? Do you time them? I am wondering how to prevent students looking up stuff on google translate or using subtitles while doing these. Thank you!


    • Hi Amanda! Do you think Google forms you can set the form so that they can’t click to any other websites. If I’m giving them some thing to read I will upload it as a picture, to make it harder for them to use Google translate. I don’t really stress too much about them cheating, because I know that I’m giving the material that they can read and understand.


  8. Thank you for these fantastic resources! I love the quick listening assessments. We are moving toward basing our grading on ACTFL proficiency levels and are getting the Seal of Bilit. off the ground. One comment to Amanda M, I noticed there’s a setting on Google Forms to not allow students to open another tab, but I think it’s just if they’re using Chromebooks. If I’m wrong (I hope I am) please let me know.
    Do you do the listening assessments during a Zoom session?


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