Quarantine Boredom Busters & Loom Tutorial

Hello friends! How is everyone adjusting to this new “normal”?

We’ll start week 2 next week, and I’m pretty excited about the video I have ready to go for my Spanish 1 Little Darlings.  We’re focusing on “Puede” and “Salir”  and all the things they can do if they’re bored and stuck at home.  I’ve dropped the video into a Listening Quick Quiz, and that combined with Fluency Matters’ Brandon Brown Free E-course and a few games scheduled via Google Meets, we’re set for next week!

You are more than welcome to use my video, if you need an easy, no prep way to give your Little Darlings some input while you’re apart...but you know what’s better than my face on the slideshow?! YOUR FACE!!!  I’ll show you how, it’s so easy!!


I’ve gotten a few questions about how set a YouTube video to play and stop at specific times.

Loom Tutorial:

Here’s the exact same slideshow El dinosaurio se escapa, use it to make your own video, personalized for your Little Darlings, using words you know they will understand! Loom makes it so easy, and I’ll walk you though it! First, download the Loom Extension using the Chrome browser. (And since you’re a teacher, they will give it to you for free, ¡muchas gracias Loom!) Then open the slideshow and click on the Loom Extension icon.

Loom 1

Then you’ll see this.

Follow the steps…

Loom 2

Then you need to share your screen, so your Little Darlings can see the slideshow:

Loom 3

Then you’re ready to roll!! Magically you’ll see a count down… 3-2-1 then you’re recording!

Here’s what it looks like:

Then, when you’re finished talking though the slide show, click the little green arrow and you’ll see this:

Loom 4

You can copy the link and send it directly to your Little Darlings, or you can click the “download” button (wait for it…it takes a few minutes!). I like to download them to my computer, then upload them you YouTube,  so I can embed them into a Listening Quick Quiz. 

How cool is that?!?! AND SO EASY!

And if you’re tired of talking about Quarantine and this stupid virus, I’ve got other Slideshows that are great for Spanish 1. Just open them up, follow the same steps, and chat with your Little Darlings! I am sure they will be delighted to see your smiling face!!!

Check out “Las hamacas de Yucatán” or “Tacos americanos vs tacos mexicanos“.

Wishing you all the best during this crazy time! I pray that you’re safe and healthy and enjoying time home with your family.



  1. You are awesome. Thank you so much! You’re incredibly generous and such a wonderful role model! Mindee

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Thanks for sharing this!! I’ve never used Loom before. Could the video be uploaded to Google Drive to distribute in Google Classroom? The settings on our students’ chromebooks often bllock videos uploaded to Youtube. Thanks


  3. THANK YOU so much! This is so creative and so relevant. I love it so much and plan to use it this week with my students.


  4. Thank you so much for this fantastic post. You made it look so easy! I am ready to give it a try, but at the moment Loom is not working (or at least that is the message I’m getting.) Can you suggest an alternative?


    • Another very similar platform is Screencastify. Give that one a try! (I remember seeing that loom is doing an upgrade on Sunday… Give it a couple of hours and try it again!)


  5. Anne Marie:

    I’m still trying to figure out Loom. When I try to share my screen, my face goes away. How did you keep your face on the screen the whole time? Your blog has been a tremendous help. I really appreciate your generosity. Donna


    • Are you certain that you clicked “screen+ cam” ? It sounds like you’re just doing “screen only”…


  6. It appears Fluency Matters isn’t offering free courses anymore. I get that. Do you know if the students have to purchase the e-course as well? Thanks.


    • I haven’t heard of students buying it themselves. Often the teacher buys it, if not with school money, their personal $$. At this point, it may be worth it. Sorry it’s closed now.


  7. Thank you so much for everything you offer us language teachers! You’re so encouraging and it really means a lot, especially at this time.
    Can you explain how you combine the Loom video and the listening quiz? I’d like to try that.


  8. ¡Muchísimas gracias! You’re amazing! Thank you for so generously sharing such fantastic resources and helping us to use them!


  9. I gave my students a survey about their on-line learning time and asked what was the most helpful learning tool – overwhelming the response was the daily Loom videos I made. Thank you so much for sharing this resource so early on! It was a life-saver for me and my students!


    • Yay! I’m so happy to hear it! I’m thinking Loom videos will transform my sub plans when we get back to “normal” too!!


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