IMG_3229I’m happily teaching Spanish at a rural, public high school in the great state of Nevada. I’ve been teaching here since 2006  and I don’t have any plans to leave. I’ve got the best students, collaborative colleagues, supportive administration and free reign to load my little darlings full of Comprehensible Input. What more could a girl want?  I’m armed  with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Reno (with a year at the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica) and a masters in Teaching Spaish completed in Guanajuato, Mexico,  through  Southern Oregon University’s Summer Language Institute. But my most valuable tool isn’t a framed diploma, it is my deeply rooted and genuinely personal belief that Comprehensible Input is the way to language acquisition.

I don’t have a “Come to Jesus Moment”, a moment when the skies opened up and A New Way of Teaching descended upon me like a dove. I don’t have an anniversary of the day I threw out my Spanish textbook and  walked into the light. Actually, I am a product of TPRS, my high school Spanish teacher was one of the very early adopters of Blaine Ray’s method in the 1990s. I loved my Spanish class and I assumed I was some sort of language genius, destined to become multilingual and change the word. It turns out I am not a language genius, it was just that CI and TPRS made it so easy to acquire another language. (In college I confidently signed up for French 101 and struggled, clawed and fought my way through the textbook to earn a C my first semester. Turns out I can acquire language quite easily, learning grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary lists however…not my cup of tea.)


When I am not spending way too much time thinking about lesson plans and making up games to dazzle my little darlings at school,  my hubby and I love to travel. We spend a few weeks a year on a big trip, and I spend the rest of the year researching and planning our next adventure. Closer to home, I spoil our Dog Babies, get dirty in my garden, make really delicious food and eat a lot.