Encouragement for Teachers

Here’s a little something to read for the next couple of days, to help you focus on what’s important: staying near Jesus and inviting Him to help you as you do the hard work of teaching your little darlings.   Give yourself some time, make yourself a cup of tea, and settle in. It’s my hope that He stirs something inside that manifests in your teaching. I pray that this little devotional helps you to see the precious ones in your care as He does. May you be reminded that you’re not alone, that no matter where you teach, what kind of school you find yourself in, who your colleagues are or who your students are, God is with you, has called you into this wild adventure and promises never to abandon you!

I’ll add in more when God tells me what to write ! I’ve found that when I give God a time frame he usually laughs and then disregards it, so I don’t know when more devotionals will be published 🙂 Here’s a few to get us started…


Let’s dive in, shall we?

Day 1: Getting kinda stormy around here…

Day 2: Shine, baby, shine!

Day 3: Can you hear me now?

Day 4: In the hustle and bustle

Day 5: Redemption

Day 6: More than enough

Day 7: Trade your fear