PQA + Google Maps

I love to travel and I love to teach…but I don’t love to travel with my students. I can’t handle … More

Devotional for teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation! Teaching is hard work! And teachers need all the encouragement we can get. And if you, like … More

La llorona

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Spring Break Chit Chat

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Kinda freaky…

Warning- this post contains a (mildly) graphic image. Proceed with caution. Some freaky things are going on lately. First Martina Bex … More

Aplausos Especiales

We’re in the business of making kids feel special. Aplausos especiales do just that! In my class, when someone does … More

Tackling the subjunctive

The subjunctive…Is there anything else that instills fear in Spanish Students around the globe as the dreaded subjunctive? Why are kids … More

Password & Check in

Guys, I’m sensing a theme… Last week we had a heartbreaking training on Trauma Informed Teaching. It was all about … More