CI Magic

bola adivinaWho didn’t love their Magic 8 Ball back in the day? Dust it off for LOADS of CI!  We use my Magic 8 Ball all the time, nearly every class. (I got mine forever ago from Teachers’ Discovery, and it answers in SPANISH–unfortunately they don’t have them any more! But any Magic 8 Ball would work.)

  • Are we going to win tonight’s basketball game against our rival? Obviamente
  • Will it snow so much that tomorrow we will have a snow day? Muy dudoso
  • Is Señora Chase in a good mood today? Espero que sí
  • Will we play Mafia today? Es posible
  • Are the Patriots going to win the Super Bowl? No puedo responder

Well….I just learned that there’s an ONLINE MAGIC 8 BALL IN SPANISH!!!

This is a game changer, PEOPLE! Now everyone can see it at once! You can ask it out loud (in slow, comprehensible Spanish, of course!) and it will answer you in Spanish.  It fun to let the 8 ball answer for us…. try it out!


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