Frutas mexicanas y adiós

Today is our last day of school and it’s a weird and wacky day. Finals are over. Grades have been posted. Seniors have graduated. BUT we have to make up our last snow day! AND we’re supposed to see all of our classes today AND it’s a minimum day… So I see all my little darlings for 26 minutes per class before they’re off into the proverbial sunset.

I needed something to keep them occupied today, knowing that half the students would not come to school and the half that does would be wild animals. I needed something low maintenance because today is also the last teacher day, we’re checking out immediately after the little darlings are gone. Weird and Wacky, told you!

So a week ago we organized a little farewell fiesta. Students signed up to bring cut up fruits (you can make a copy of this document so you can type your students’ names as they volunteer). I brought in jicama (no one volunteered for that one, because most had never eaten it!) and a bottle of Tajín (you can probably find it at your local Walmart in the Latin Food aisle, but here it is on Amazon!). Also, to make things easy for the last day of school, I told students to bring their fruits already cut up in Ziplock bags. I brought bowls, serving spoons, a cutting board, a knife and two  Exprimadores (which if you don’t have one, you need one! You’ll never treat a lime the same again!)


I put Álvara Soler’s Pandora station on, my little darlings sampled fruit with lime and tajín and played board games. It was a totally relaxing and enjoyable last day together. (And just for the record, I beat my Spanish 4s in Bananagrams en español!)

Happy Summer All!!

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