Back to School Resources

It’s August 1 and that means Back to School is just around the corner! The Walmarts are all decked out with school supplies and shoes are on sale. I get really excited for the start of the year… yeah, I’ll miss staying up late and afternoon naps, but I’m (almost!) ready to dive in, meet my new little darlings and get started!

As you’re thinking about a brand new school year, here are a few (FREE!) resources to either:

  1.  get you started if you’re  just starting your teaching career. (Welcome to teaching! You’re lucky if you’re a language teacher because we have the best gig at school! And if you’re dedicated to loading up your students with Comprehensible Input, you’re in the right place, I’ve got goodies for you! What’s Comprehensible Input, you ask? I’m so glad you asked!)
  2. some ideas and resources to help you/inspire you/ motivate you while you do your thing, if you’ve been in the game a while.

All the resources are in google docs…Make a copy so you can edit to make it work for you! If you teach a language other than Spanish, I would be ever so grateful if you translated and allowed me to post it on my page! I generally print these on neon paper so they’re easy to find! (FYI- that’s an amazon associate link which means it’s a regular amazon link for you and I get like .002 cents if you buy it, so any day now, I’ll start reeling in the big bucks…)

And without further ado…Free Stuff:

Edit: For some reason this table looks screwy on a phone…. If you click on the left column, it will give you a google doc. 

Syllabus If you’d like more details …here’s everything you ever wanted to know about my syllabus.
Student interest survey I ask my little darlings to fill this out the Survey on Day 1. Here are a few more details about how I use it. 
Stamp Sheet Winners of all games earn a stamp on their stamp sheet…. Here’s a full explanation.
Out of class pass When kiddos need to leave for a drink of water or bathroom, they fill out this pass and leave it on my desk. I give them 2 at the beginning of the year and 1 more in January to start the new semester.
Emergency Bathroom pass Once they’ve used up their Out of Class Passes, they can request an emergency pass….but they have to make up the minutes missed after class. (So if they were gone 7 minutes…they owe me 7 minutes after class) Harsh, I know! That’s the point! Cut them and have them handy when a student requests it. 
Phone Probation Per school policy, if students are using their phone during class, the teacher is supposed to confiscate it and take it to the front office. I totally support this policy until my  my classroom got moved to the Portables, which is FAR FAR away from the office (Not even exaggerating, it’s a ¼ mile walk to the office and back!). So to save me some time,  I implemented a Phone Probation system.  If I catch a kid on their phone, I take it for the period and ask them to see me after class. I remind them of the policy and ask them to sign and date the Phone Probation list. If I catch them on their phone again (which is easy to check because everything is documented) I’ll make the trek to the office to turn it in.
Animal Partners Here’s the explanation, but don’t get started with animal partners right away. If you’re school is anything like mine, there will be a lot of schedule changes the first 2 weeks of school. Once everything has settled down, break out the animal partners.

Happy School Year! Here’s to our best year yet!


  1. I totally stole your “student responsibility” and “teacher responsibility” It lays it out so well for students! Thank you!


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