Bringing culture to life: Kantu Inka


Kantu Inka 1

We were so lucky to bring Kantu Inka to our school last week! We learned about Peruvian instruments, dance, geography and culture all in Comprehensible Spanish! Carlos and Julie are an awesome team: Carlos is a musician from Peru, and his wife Julie is a retired CI teacher (and National Board Certified Teacher oh AND Nevada’s 2014  World Language Teacher of the Year!)  They serenaded us, taught us and entertained us all day long. Our kiddos sang, danced, listened, questioned, won prizes and had a great time.  Julie and Carlos are based in Northern Nevada but do musical cultural performances all over…want to book them?! Check out their website:


Julie, the master teacher that she is, tailored the lesson to our specifications: we brought all Spanish students every period to the library for their presentation. Julie did an awesome job adjusting her Spanish to be comprehensible enough for our Level 1s while still engaging our AP and Heritage Speakers at the same time. Truly impressive! Additionally, Julie provided suggested lessons to pre-teach information and handouts to help students follow along during the performance.

Carlos dazzled us with his mad Charango skills and radio presenter voice. He taught us dances from Lake Titicaca and the Amazon region and decked our kiddos out in ponchos and chullos. Just how adorable are they!? 

If you can’t take your kiddos to Peru…bring Peru to your kiddos!

Will you be a SWCOLT in March? Register for Kantu Inka’s Educational Concert on Thursday Night… you too can learn all about zampoñas, quenas, charangos, bombos and chacchas! Julie will teach you how to teach culture using comprehensible language.  You’ll love the music and Carlos may even lend you a poncho and chullos for a great picture to impress your little darlings back home!

Kantu Inka 2.png


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