El misterio del conejo…part 2

For those of you who have been following along with the Misterio del conejo, you will be interested in recent developments in the case. After days of discussion and speculation, my  1st period class wanted to call in our Principal for questioning.

My Principal, who is a ROCK STAR, obliged and this morning we questioned him, in Spanish, Estrella del Día, style. After each question (What’s your name? How are you feeling? Where do you live?) we discussed if he seemed nervous or guilty. Students expressed their opinions in Spanish (One student, standing up, pointing and yelling ¡MENTIOSO!) during the interrogation. (Slightly disrespectful, yes, but in Spanish, so I was proud!)

At one point, he asked if he should get a lawyer and used his phone to fire off a few texts…THEN IT HAPPENED.



Our school police officer busted into my classroom, made our principal stand and escorted him out of the classroom “for further questioning”. This was NOT part of my plan! And this is why my Principal is a ROCK STAR! And we nearly died. 

So…then, I spent my prep period writing a newspaper article, describing the latest developments. If you’ve been playing along, please share this with them!

Douglas Times.png

If you’ve got a great theory about how the dead rabbit got in my living room, please explain your theory in slow and comprehensible Spanish in a flip grid video! It would be awesome for students to hear what other classes are speculating!

Spanish 1 or 2 teachers, record your video here: https://flipgrid.com/6f28475c

Spanish 3+ Teachers, record your video here: https://flipgrid.com/f8f9909d



  1. Credit to you, Maestra, you are so creative that everyone joins in the fun, even the Principal!!

    Que bueno!! Sus estudiantes tienen mucho suerte!!!


  2. I know I’m late to the party, but is there any way for students to continue adding to the FlipGrids? It says “This assignment is only available through Canvas. Log in to your Canvas course to view.” No problem if not!


    • Hi Catherine! To tell you the truth, I think only 2 people made recordings! I think if you wanted to use the mystery, it might be best to just create your own flip grid and have your students record their responses there


      • I couldnt enter your flig grid. Not sure. But here is our theory….. After some investigation we learned that the Aztects have 400 gods of drunkeness. Funny enough they are represented as rabbits. So, One of them, thinking they were out to find a bit of wine, wich many or may not be in your home, but probably your neighbors, was very unfortunate to be found by your cat. The cat had bitten it several times and there fore the reson for little saliva. But in its attempt to get away from your cat it tried to aperate(disapear) but since he was drunk and the cat had hold of his top half, the spell did not work quite right and his lower half appered in the Chase’s living room while the cat was left with the top half outside. It is still unsure were the top half went too but perhapes the top half was successfully transported back to his temple in El Tepozteco were his 399 siblings helped him back to health. And since the aztec gods bleed gold and there was no gold found on the scene it is believed that the bunny god did not die and just needs to recuperate.


      • Wow! This is an excellent theory! Thank you for sharing and I can finally rest easy, knowing what happened to that poor conejo.


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