A cocinar con la Sra. Chase: Agua de jamaica

When I was little, I was obsessed with having a cooking show. Every chance I got, I would make delightful and inventive kitchen creations while narrating each step to the imaginary camera. Now, this was before Food Network was a thing; I like to think I’ve always been ahead of the curve 😉

Well…that dream is coming true! I’m all about providing my kiddos with comprehensible input and the beautiful thing about CI is that you can talk about anything, so long as it’s slow and comprehensible! So, I’ve started making cooking videos, in my kitchen, thanks to my patient esposo who films (and does the dishes!) . After filming the Agua de jamaica video, he said, “Woah, I understood everything you said.”  That’s right, baby, that’s the power of comprehensible input!

So, feel free to use these as you want! Maybe a little cultural blurb. Maybe as a component for a sub plan? Maybe as a special treat by letting them sample it.

I can’t promise that they’ll have totally perfect Spanish (be kind, please, I’m not a native speaker!) but I’ll do everything I can to make them understandable and just another way to give your little darlings Comprehensible Input! There will be text to read and a video showing the steps. And without further ado…

Here’s the first installment …drum roll please

aguas ppt.png

My other dream , when I was a teenager, was to have a travel show… I’ve got some sweet trips lined up this summer, there may be some “A viajar con la Señora Chase” videos this fall!! Really hoping the travel videos take off, so my hubby and I will have to plan more trips just to keep up with the demand!

Bitmoji Image


  1. Thank you so much for your food posts! I’m teaching a cuisine course for Spanish 4 next year so these are really helpful!!


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