Sweet Dreams: Hammock culture in Yucatán

So, I just got back from an incredible trip to Mérida, Mexico with One World Trek and I learned something fascinating: a lot of Yucatecans sleep in hammocks! Like all night! Like, instead of a bed! How did I never know this?!

Once I got wind of this, I became obsessed and wanted to know more!  I asked everyone I could, even my Uber driver about this mystical hammock sleeping phenomenon! Nearly everyone interviewed confirmed: “I can’t get comfortable if I’m not in my hammock.” “I’ll fall out if I sleep in a bed!” “Of course I sleep in a hammock, it’s too hot to sleep in a bed!” Even our university professor confessed, “I’m from Mexico City, so I sleep in a bed. My husband is from Yucatan, he sleeps in a hammock. And 2/3 of our children sleep in hammocks”. And guys, THERE ARE EVEN HAMMOCKS IN THE HOSPITALS! How awesome is that?!

I know my little darlings will find this cultural difference irresistible, so I made a slideshow, written in comprehensible Spanish. Maybe your little darlings will be fascinated too!


And of course, I couldn’t leave without buying a hammock (or three!)- I’m loving my summertime siestas! Hope your summer is relaxing as well!



  1. Super cool! This would be a great addition to Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro to frontload some vocabulary and to add some intercultural competence. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to use it!


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