Lightning Fast Google Form Quizzes

Want to save some time? Do you feel like you need more grades in the grade book but hate grading with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns?! Are you already overwhelmed by the 2020-2021 school year and you just need something easy?! If you answered “Yes, Yes and Oh Yeah!” Well, then…read on! This blog post quite possibly will transform your life. Or at least the last 5 minutes of class…

So my dear friend JJ Epperson posted on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching FaceBook group  an idea that got me thinking. She suggested pre-made Google Form Quizzes  to use as a daily T/F Quiz, which the teacher personalizes on the fly.  And much like my Australian Shepard puppy who  becomes obsessed with the tennis ball and can think of nothing else, I latched onto that idea and spent all day, literally all day, ironing out the details. (And don’t worry, JJ knows that I took her idea and ran with it. After a sneak peak, she texted me “The forms are ah-MAZ-ing! Get those out on your blog. People are going to love them.” )

It’s true. I think you will love them. You can use them in ANY language with ANY material and easily adapt them to ANY language! They’re totally ready to go and already graded even! With just a few clicks you’ll have grades ready to drop into the gradebook. For someone who HATES grading, this is going to be a real game changer.

All you have to do is print 1 copy of the Form Answer Sheet (linked below) post the quiz link for your students, and you’re ready to roll. The last few minutes of class, students take out a device and click the quiz link you’ve given them. While looking at the corresponding answer sheet, the teacher makes up statements about the day’s lesson, in language that students can understand. You might ask about an article you read, or the One Word Image you created or the Star of the Day interview. As students listen to the teacher’s statements, they decide if the answer is True or False and mark it on their quiz.

It is SO EASY to set up, so I made you a quick video! Just look how lightning fast that is!

If you’re not quite so familiar with Google Forms and you’d like step by step instructions, with pictures, I got you!

When you’re ready to give your kiddos the quiz, you get to be creative. Think about your class period and what you talked about with your Little Darlings…then say statements in your target language while students demonstrate their listening comprehension by clicking True or False on their quiz. It is important that you’re paying attention to the answer sheet as you make up your statements, so that the form will score the quizzes correctly! As you’re saying the True/False statements out loud, jot them down on the printed answer key (or type them in!), so you have a record of the statements and you’re ready for any absent kiddos.

After 5 statements your students will submit their quiz. As soon as they click “submit”, they’ll be able to see their score! How’s that for instant feedback!

Now, it’s equally as quick to see their scores…. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Forms, take a look! And if you want to learn a super cool organization trick, to send ALL your forms to ONE spreadsheet, you’ll want to watch!

Once you have your spreadsheet open, you can sort your students by class period and last name so you can enter your grades into the grade book efficiently. You can even import your quiz scores into Google Classroom then use the Grade Transferer extension to send their scores straight to your grade book! And then you can head home from school at a decent time because you did all that quiz grading in 22 seconds! Hallelujah!

Here  are the quizzes!

The only difference in the quizzes below is the combination of True/False answers…choose a different quiz each time, just to keep them on their toes!

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Merci to Danielle Esquivel for the French translations and Grazie to Tanya Ferretto for the Italian translations! The Chinese translations are thanks to Jennifer Cheng and danke to Katie Reimers for the German translations. If you teach another language, let’s collaborate to put these into your target language! 

Seriously guys…I think this is going to be a game changer! I’ll keep using my Quick Quizzes when I want a good picture of how much they understand from time to time, but these will be perfect for holding them accountable for the material discussed each class AND for getting some lightning fast grades in the grade book! (Because, I’ll be honest with you…I really love chatting with my Little Darlings and giving them lots of input…I’m not great about actually getting grades into the old grade book!)

Take care of yourself! If you’re soaking up the last days of summer break…enjoy yourself! If you’re back at school (online or in person!) I’m wishing you a happy and healthy school year!

And don’t you wish everything in 2020 was as simple as these T/F quizzes?!


    • The quizzes are all the same, the only difference is the combination of True/False. The order of true and false is different so that students don’t pick up on the same pattern for every quiz… Does that answer your question? The teacher is personalizing the statements as they give the quiz


  1. Hola!! Mil gracias por compartir con nosotr@s! I’m wondering what you do for students who are absent on the quiz day? If they have missed the class period of input, how do you have them “make it up”? Suggestions? -Amy


    • I’m planning on filing my input pieces- Movie talks, one word images, storytelling- And filming me asking the true false questions, so that they can watch it on their own. I’m expecting we’re going to have a lot more absences this year than usual.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG! you have saved my life. student teaching 33 years ago, I learned to load a film projector and had mimeograph masters. Thanks for the step by step instructions..


  3. These are great! Thanks so much. I would be happy to translate some Latin ones for you. What is the best way to do that!
    Thanks again!
    Steve Sullivan


    • Oh thank you!! If you “make a copy” of each, then translate it into Latin. Then click “add collaborators” and share it with senorachase at gmail dot com I’ll post it here for other Latin teachers. Thanks so much!!


  4. I LOVE this so much! I am thinking about 1 problem though. I have read that tech savvy students know how to look at the coding for a google quiz to find the correct answer. The workaround that was suggested was to wait to put in the answers until AFTER the quiz was taken. Have you heard anything about this?


    • I would love that! Could you make a copy of each version, translate to Chinese, then “add collaborator” senorachase at Gmail dot com. Thank you!!


  5. Shared Quiz 1 in German– will do the others soon. Actually pairing this with another great idea I saw for getting remote learning kids away from the computer. Today is a beautiful day in Buffalo NY so I’m having the kids load a German podcast (Long Story Short from Chatterbug) .They can walk and listen to the podcast on their phones and come back the last 5 minutes of class and take the “Blitztest”


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