Don’t teach Spanish?! Resources for you!

So this little blogcito has brought me many surprises but the most delightful and unexpected is that you wonderful people have taken my Spanish resources and translated them into a bunch of different languages! Nothing tickles me more than seeing something so familiar look so foreign to me! Here’s a round up of resources translated into different languages– I hope you’ll find something useful to help you load up your Little Darlings with comprehensible input!

Resources in American Sign Language

Resources in Chinese

Resources in French

Resources in English

Resources in German

Resources in Italian

Resources in Japanese

Resources in Latin

Resources in Portuguese

Resources in Russian

And as always, if you find something while poking around that is not in your language, I’d love to share your translation here with other teachers! Send me a message from the Contact Page, and I’ll share an editable version with you.

And I’d be ever- so-humbled if you’d subscribe by entering in your email at the bottom of this post!

Grazie! Danke! Merci! ありがとう Спасибо  Agradeciemto!

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