Merry Christmas & a Giveaway!

Merry Christmas, my friends! For those of you who are still working this week, I am praying that your Little Darlings are unnaturally calm and especially well-behaved for this final stretch! Hang in there, the end is near! For those of you already on break (and those soon to be!), my prayer for you is a chance to rest, recover and celebrate the season.

And now a Christmas giveaway!

In March, I’m excited to present at SWCOLT’s conference in Reno, Nevada, and I have a conference registration to give away to one of you! If you’re interested in coming to Reno March 24-26 (or even just March 25-26 if a one night trip is more your style), I’d love to hook you up. I can’t help you with transportation or accommodations but I’d really love to gift you a conference registration, including the 1/2 day CI workshop I’m teaching on March 24. Click here to join the raffle. I’ll announce our winner December 31, 2021 on my Teacher Facebook page.(Your info will be kept completely confidential and I’ll delete everything after the winner is chosen and notified.)

Merry Christmas, from The Chase Place:

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