Google Keep: A great way to curate

Are you overwhelmed by so many teaching ideas, shared all over the internet, and looking for a way to organize the madness?! Google Keep to the rescue! If you’re new to Google Keep, get ready to be amazed! Google Keep is so cool…. definitely one of Google’s best kept secrets! I’ll walk you through step by step how to use it to save, catalogue and later revisit, well…just about anything!

Like all Google Products, you can access Google Keep from anywhere, on any kind of device. Here’s what it looks like from a computer. I mostly use my computer to access all the ideas, screenshots, photos, links and videos I’ve saved on Google Keep, when I’m outlining unit plans, writing lesson plans, or looking for inspiration.

From your computer:

From your smarty pants phone:

I mostly use my phone to upload ideas, photos, videos, screenshots, links and whatnot, because more often than not, I find all the awesome things from browsing Facebook and Twitter. It’s crazy easy to use the Google Keep app on my phone to grab links and screenshots, so they’re saved for me (and easy to find!) when I’m ready to use them.

Here’s a look at the Google Keep app from my iPhone. If you’ve got a different smarty pants phone, I image the process will be similar. And please, just ignore the 8,625 unread emails, 264 voicemails and 522 unanswered texts. I made peace with it long ago, that I will never catch up. It’s fine, really. I will go to the grave with millions of unread emails. Now it’s kind of amusing…how many emails can I rack up before gmail explodes?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and when you get a chance, play around with Google Keep. It’s a game changer, for sure! Now you can actually revisit all all those cool ideas you discover while browsing the internet at 2:30 in the morning, after the dog barfs on the carpet, and you can’t fall back asleep. Living the dream, right?!

Take care, my friend!


  1. So I am really…really liking this but I have a question. Did you start “converting” things or just start where you were at? ‘Cause..DANG. hahahhaa! Thank you for another GREAT tip!


    • Just start today!! Next time you see something awesome, add it to Google keep! (If I tried to go back and add in good ideas from days of yore, I’d never dig out of the hole!)


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