The Lucky Trivia Game

Much like everyone’s favorite The Lucky Reading Game, The Lucky Trivia Game incorporates reading and luck, paired with some fascinating facts about the Spanish speaking world.

Working together in teams, students read a trivia fact and make their best guess:

Once all the teams show their guesses, the correct answer is revealed and each correct team draws a card to earn points:

Then, together as a team, students read some additional information. The teacher randomly selects one student to earn a bonus card, if she or he can translate the additional information into English:

The Lucky Trivia Games are written with novices in mind…but each Trivia fact comes with an authentic video and extension activities for further exploration or to challenge intermediate students:

Look like fun?! Download The Lucky Trivia Game: Perú for free and enjoy! It’s an easy, fun, ZERO PREP way to spend a class period or two 🙂

And while you’re over at The Chase Place, check out The Lucky Trivia Game: Costa Rica and The Lucky Trivia Game: España, since they’re on sale May 3 and 4! Use code “THANKYOU22” for 25% off!

Hope you’re having a great week, that you’re feeling especially appreciated and that the end is in sight!
Whew, what a year…we’re almost there!


  1. Dear Senora Chase, I really appreciate your generous sharing! You are such an amazing teacher and educator! I teach Chinese but I still learn a lot from you. Many activities that I learned from you have been a big hit in my Chinese classroom. THANK YOU! Please keep up the great work! ❤


    • They’re linked in the instruction document that you downloaded from TPT. On the Costa Rica one, it’s on page 5. You can also hold down “control” + “F” and search for “Notetaker”…. If there’s a problem with the link in a particular game, let me know and I’ll fix it!


      • Thank you! Sorry one other question….when you select a student….to translate the paragraph with the additional information, do you have any systems so that different groups are selected for each turn, or is it just the luck of the draw? Thank you! And Happy New Year!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I just do random, so everyone is engaged in reading it, because anyone could be called for the extra card.


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