The Ultimate Textivate Tutorial

I’ve got to admit, I’ve got a Love/Hate relationship with Textivate.

I LOVE what it can do! I LOVE that it gets my students interacting with texts and gives them a zillion different things they can do with my text. I LOVE that it’s pretty quick and easy to create a Textivate…after you get the hang of it.

There in lies the problem: after you get the hang of it. Let me tell you, friends, there is a steep learning curve to figure it out and it’s not very intuitive. If you’re just getting started out with Textivate, it feels overwhelming. I introduced my department to the wonders of textivate on Friday and there were some serious “Deer in the Headlights” looks!! ( If you know what I’m talking about, keep reading because I’ve got something for you!!)

If you’re new to the party, Textivate is a subscription based service that allows you to drop a text in, pick out some activities, package it into a cool little sequence and pass it along to your Little Darlings. They will read, practice vocab, read more and re-read your text as they work through the sequence. Want a test drive?! Play around with this sample one I created to see all the possibilities!

So…if you’ve got a subscription and you’ve felt overwhelmed getting started, I’ve got the Ultimate Textivate Tutorial for you! Save it! Book mark it! Refer to it often…it will walk you through, step by step, setting up classes and passwords, creating a textivate, assigning a textivate, troubleshooting the textivates, and seeing the Little Darlings’ scores after they complete their Sequence. If you’re a seasoned textivate user, at the bottom of the Menu in purple, there are some cool things you can do with textivate that might be new to you! (Like…you’re using Challenges, right?! And….did you know you can add in comprehension questions?!)

The Ultimate Textivate Tutorial

Hope someone finds this helpful, my friends 🙂


  1. You have this amazing knack of knowing what teachers need! In this case, it’s knowing what my department needs. I have taught myself Textivate over the past few years and am personally proficient with the quirks and ins-and-outs…but have struggled to sell others in my department and district on using it. I keep thinking, “I need to find the time to train people!” and now you have done this for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    • Yay!! That was exactly what inspired me to put together the tutorial- to help my department!!

      An idea: at a dept meeting give them a few minutes to play with a resource you’ve created, then give them time to build their own, ready to answer their questions.


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