Name Game

EEEEEKKKK! School starts on MONDAY! MONDAY! Already!! I’m excited and nervous and squirmy and nearly ready to go! This starts … More


This is a great game for this time of year because A. everyone is engaged and B. they’re quiet! And … More

¿Cuál maestro es?

It’s that time of year…the sun is shining, the grass is freshly cut and my little darlings are crawling out … More

Number shuffle

In Northern Nevada the weather is beautiful and we’re all looking for a reason to get outside and replenish the … More

Kahoot Jumble

Kahoot is fun and Kahoot Jumble is even better! Kahoot is an awesome game where the teacher  creates a game … More

¿Cómo se dice? Game

Of course we want to teach our kiddos how to circumlocute or use words they know to describe words they … More

Quick Draw

Here’s another comprehensible input game (that kids really think is a drawing game. Shhhhh…..really they’re reading and rereading and rereading). … More

Food Fun

I know thematic units are not popular with the Untargeted CI folks, but it’s working for us in our district. La … More

Scrambled Sentences

This game is fabulous! Students work together with a partner to unscramble sentences. This game reinforces vocabulary that they’ve learned … More