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Hi friends!

I’m totally honored that you’re here and reading my site! This little blogcito has been fun (and a lot of work!) If you’ve found something here to inspire you or made your job more fun or saved you a bit of time or made you laugh, you can support this site easily by shopping on amazon. All you have to do is click on one of my Amazon Links, buy something (anything!) and I’ll get a tiny commission. It costs you nothing extra and it motivates me to keep writing. I don’t sell any of my materials…everything here is free, free, free….so it’s a way I can support this site, share materials and make a few bucks here and there.

Here’s a link…it has nothing to do with teaching, but it’s the best Amazon purchase I’ve ever made in my life… Talking Toilet Paper Spindle You can record a personalized message on your toilet paper roll and surprise the next person who uses the bathroom! At our Christmas party, it plays carols. Sometimes I leave love poems for my husband. We put it in my inlaw’s bathroom once to freak them out. The possibilities are endless!! How about putting it in the teachers’ lounge? Reminding your kids to wash their hands. Do you have a White Elephant Gift Exchange coming up? You need this in your life!

But if you’re not convinced you need a talking Toilet Paper Spindle, you can still click the link and buy paper towels, or batteries, or Christmas gifts or anything that Amazon sells…and I’ll get a few cents 🙂