Coco emergency sub plans: levels 2-4

This Spring I got the phone call nobody wants: grandma is in the hospital. I dropped everything and headed down to Sacramento to spend time with her. (Blessing #1!) I ended up missing almost a week of school but mercifully my sister had just given me the Coco DVD(Blessing #2!) so that’s what kept my little darlings occupied while I was occupied:

I searched Teachers Pay Teachers because I really wanted a summary written in comprehensible Spanish for them to read, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. So, I wrote my own.  You can access Part 1 for free here…if Part 1 works for your little darlings, the entire summary is available on Teachers pay Teachers.

It’s divided into 4 parts (to stretch over multiple days) with summaries written for my Spanish 2s (and above). Throughout the summaries there are parentheses where the have to choose the correct answer: Había una familia de zapateros, hacía (tortillas / zapatos / guitarras). En la familia había un niño que se llamaba (Juan / José / Miguel). And on the back are numbered boxes for them to illustrate the reading.

I instructed my little darlings to:

  1. Watch and enjoy the movie (one part per class period)
  2. Read and translate with a partner, circling the correct answers in the parentheses.
  3. Re-read it again independently, dividing the reading into 10 sections by drawing a line and writing the number.
  4. On the back, illustrate each section to correspond with the sections they numbered on the back.

Miraculously Grandma got better and went home (HUGE blessing #3!) and the school year wrapped up (Hallelujah! Blessing #4!) and I forgot to finish this blog post! Now I’m loving my summer vacation (I’m in Japan now, waiting for my hubby to wake up so we can explore the city of Kanazawa, Blessing #5!) and I’ve got a few minutes to finish up this post. Hopefully it’s something you can tuck away and break out when you need a low prep- high input sub plan.

Happy Summer Vacation!


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