Spanish 1’s “Best Sellers”

On Friday, after our last Free Reading session together, we compiled a list of “Los mejores libros según la clase de español 1” and since nearly everything we do in class is to load them up with Comprehensible Input, we did this in slow, comprehensible Spanish.

It sounded like this:

Sra. Chase: ¿Cuál fue tu mejor libro que leíste este año?

Estudiante A: The one about the bat.

Sra Chase: (holding up Juliana ) ¿Quién más leyó Juliana este año?  (To a student with her hand raised) ¿Te gustó?

Estudiante B: Sí. Mucho.

Sra Chase: ¿Y fue tu libro favorito de este año?

Estudiante B:  No. Mi favorito Brandon Brown y  perro

Sra. Chase: Los libros de Brandon Brown son muy cómicos, ¿Verdad? ¿A quién le encantó Brandon Brown quiere un perro?  Quién leyó Juliana Y Brandon Brown quiere un perro? (To a student with his hand raised) ¿Cuál te gustó más?

And so we compiled our list. If you’re looking to add to your Free Reading Program, here are this year’s Spanish 1’s favorites in no particular order:

(FYI- if you buy from any of the Amazon links below, I’ll get a small commission and it won’t cost you anything! It’s an easy and free way to support!)

Los mejores libros según la clase de español 1:





There’s one book missing from the list that you absolutely have to add to your library, no matter what level you teach! My kiddos didn’t mention it since we read it all together as a whole class novel during 1st semester. It’s a “choose your own adventure” style novel and it’s just so much fun! If you don’t have a copy, you need this one in your library! (And if you’re looking for a whole class novel, I love teaching this one in level 1, which really says something, since I don’t like teaching whole class novels! )

Looking for more books for your Free Reading library?  Check out this post with all the books in my library, leveled by difficulty.  If you’re looking to order some books for your upper level  not as little darlings, stay tuned, next week I’ll do the same with my Spanish 4s!

Happy Reading:

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    • Nicole- I’m not sure why, but I noticed that if I open the site from my phone, I can’t see any of the books, but if I open the page from my computer, I can see pictures of all the recommendations and click on them to the Amazon page. Are you trying to open it from your phone? Can you try from a computer and let me know if that solves it? So strange… I’m sorry!!


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