Señora Chase’s Library by Level


Here are the titles in my Free Reading Library, organized  by level.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of Comprehensible Input novels…rather the titles I have in my library right now. (If you’ve written a CI novel, let me know and I’ll try to add it to my next book order, or better yet, send me a copy! Hint Hint)

Here are lots of details about my FVR program. One of the ways I help my little darlings pick the perfect book is by writing the reading level on the front cover on a mailing label. I noticed that it was hard for students to select a book at an appropriate reading level without any assistance, so I started leveling them. I strategically chose to level them by letter, rather than number.  (I didn’t want a student in Spanish 2, for example, to feel like they must read a book marked Level 2) The labels also help the books to get back to the correct shelf (errr…rain gutter) after we’ve finished reading.

Disclosure: I don’t have a scientific process for leveling my books and I am no expert…I just read a few paragraphs and assigned a letter. If you strongly disagree with my leveling, let me know and I’ll reconsider! (She’s crazy! That book is absolutely not a D, it’s way easier than another book she marked as a B! Who is this Señora Chase anyway?!) 


  1. What a great resource! I would love to be a student in your classroom. For your most novice learners, Edi el Elefante would be a wonderful FVR choice.

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    • I think that title is in the order I just placed!! Thanks for the recommendation, I can’t wait to add it to the collection!


  2. […] 3. I leveled my books with a sticker on the front cover. It is not a scientific method at all…I just read a few paragraphs and decided a letter: A is easiest and H is most difficult. There’s probably a formula for leveling books but I don’t know what it is. I just wanted them to be able to choose a book they can read easily, so if they started a book that was too hard, they could try a lower letter. I choose letters intentionally rather than numbers because I didn’t want students to feel like since they were in Spanish 2, they had to read a Level 2 book. One of these days I’ll type up a document with all my book titles and their corresponding letter….but until then, here’s another picture. Here’s the list of my titles organized by level.  […]


  3. How many copies of each title do you have? Also, if you read a novel as a class, do you include a copies of that book in your library?


    • There’s 2-5 copies of each book. I’m moving away from class novels in favor of Free Reading. This past year I only did 1 class novel with my 1s before they were ready for FVR. The year before I did class novels- I included those in my library but with a sticker on front that said which level would read it. So Robo en la noche said “leer in Español 2”, so my 1s who weren’t planning on going on and my 4s could read it.


  4. Do you ever include children’s picture or low level books…my library is filled with many of these, some in Spanish and English and others in Spanish only.

    I want MANY more novels/leveled readers and LOVE the way you have organized this!! I’m just not sure how to assign a level to a little kids picture book.

    What projects, reports, presentations, etc do you do when they finish a book?


    • I’ve got a handful of children’s books, but for the most part the language is too advanced to be comprehensible for my kiddos, so during reading time they’ve got to pick a CI reader. They can browse the children’s books when they finish a test or assignment early.

      I don’t have them do anything other than rating their book when they finish. I want to make free reading as enjoyable as possible, so they’re are no strings attached! Sometimes they share with their partner what they read, here are more details about that:


  5. Señora Chase, First thanks for all you share on here! As a 3rd year teacher, I find a LOT of good stuff here.

    Second, I want to start FVR with my students this year. I don´t currently have a lot of comprehensible books. Can you give me your opinion on if you think the books in this package would be good? I mostly teach Spanish III, high school level. I like that there are some easier novels in there, because I think it would help with the students who are in Level III but still have pretty low comprehension.


    • When I get new books to add to my library. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just what I have in my classroom library.


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