Can you hear me now? A mic review

Some fine print real quick:

  1. While this is a review, it is not sponsored by anyone….I bought this fancy little microphone with my own money after reading a zillion positive Amazon reviews.
  2. If you decide that you too want a fancy little microphone, and buy it though the posted link, I will earn a small commission at no added cost to you through Amazon’s Associate Program…but if you’re uncomfortable with that, and still want a fancy little microphone, feel free to search it up and buy it another way. 

Holy Moly folks, I didn’t expect my Back to School Shopping list to include masks, shields, a microphone and Hand Sanitizer, but that’s where we’re at! My school is set to open on Aug 17 with 50% capacity, a hybrid model, all masked up and with 6 feet of distancing. Let the madness begin! I’ve spent a good part of my summer bemoaning the things outside of my control…but it’s almost game time and I’ve switched gears into figuring out how I can make this work. I’m in problem solving mode now.

Problem #1- How on earth are they going to hear me…I can’t even hear the cashier at Costco talking to me with a mask on!

I know that it’s going to be hard for my students to hear me with a mask and face shield, so I ordered this Fancy Little Microphone that makes me feel like Britney Spears.  It arrived just a few days ago and already my husband loves it because I wear it around the house, singing. I am not a very good singer, truth be told, but I honestly sound better (or at least louder) with my fancy little microphone. It also makes the dogs howl in approval, so there’s another plus. 

I haven’t taught with it yet, but I did make a video in my classroom to test out the sound. Have a listen, No singing…sorry or you’re welcome!



Better with the mic, right? So let’s talk about the pros and cons, shall we?

The Pros:

It’s lightweight and secure-  I really don’t notice it on. I am much more aware of the mask and the shield. I don’t find myself needing to move or adjust the headset or the mini amp. It has a sturdy little clip on the back and it attaches firmly to a belt or pants. I feel like I can move around freely (well, as freely as possibly, while keeping a 6 foot distances from the Germ Factories, I mean, my Little Darlings) without being afraid of it falling off. It also has an included neck strap if that’s more your thing.

It’s rechargeable-  It comes with a little plug in charger to charge up the battery. I have used it for a few hours total and I haven’t needed to charge it yet…I’m not sure how long it will stay charged before it needs to be plugged in, but I am going to make it a habit to charge it when I’m not wearing it.

It’s easy to turn on and off- As you saw in the video, it’s easy to turn on to talk to the class and off to talk to an individual student. There seems to be a tiny lag between turning up the volume and the microphone kicking into gear.

It’s loud enough- I wasn’t really sure about this one…it’s so hard to know without a room full of students, but based on the video, I think my voice is louder and clearer with the mic on. I was just normal talking, not teacher projecting, so if I need to be louder, I can teacher project into the mic and I think we’ll be just fine. In addition to our usual hand signals (The Señora Chase you’re unclear signal) I am going to ask them to give me a thumbs up if they need me to turn up the volume and a thumbs down if the volume should be lowered.

It was pretty cheap-  It costs about $36. I don’t expect it to see me through to retirement, but if it carries me through my mask teaching days of COVID-19, I will count it money well spent!

The cons:

I wish it were louder- While I think it is going to be loud enough for teaching, it is not loud enough to get a crowd’s attention when there’s a lot going on. Originally I was hoping to be able to use it outside on the soccer field to give instructions, but I think the sound will get lost outside. (Señora Chase, add BULLHORN to back to school list!)   

I experimented with putting the microphone under my face mask to see if that made it louder. It made my voice quite a bit louder, but it also made my breathing sound scary like Darth Vader, so I’m keeping my mic on the outside of my mask.

Really, that’s the only Con I have so far…you might want to check back after August 17. I’ll update this post after I’ve been teaching with it for a few days.

Overall I’m pleased with my purchase and if you’re in the market for a fancy little microphone, I think you’ll be happy with this one.

Good luck my friends and take care!

wear your mask

Update, 1 week in: I’ve been teaching for 1 week (well…really only 4 days because school was canceled on Thursday due to smoke from wildfires. I didn’t have that on my 2020 Bingo Card!) and I have to say, I love, love, love my fancy little microphone! Kids don’t have any trouble hearing me, it even works great outside during our mask breaks! But the best and totally unexpected part is that I don’t have to use my teacher voice, which when you’re wearing a mask, wears you out fast! On Friday morning I forgot to put my mic on and I felt totally out of breath, just trying to teach like normal.. It wasn’t until I realized my mic was off and put it back on that I noticed  now much it conserves my breath to not project my voice!  Here’s a lesson I taught on Wednesday…it’s much easier to hear me than on my pre-mask, pre-mic videos! I whole heatedly recommend this little microphone. It might be my best Pandemic purchase yet!

Update, 2 weeks in: I don’t know why I didn’t know this last week, but there is one less-than-perfect thing about the Mic…when you get too close to metal, it makes that awful microphone squeal, if you don’t turn it off! I forget and when I sit down at my desk to check my emails, or head to my classroom door, it catches me by surprise. I still love it…and use it all day, every day…but I wanted to make sure to tell you about it’s imperfections as well! (I don’t know if all mics do that, or just this one!)



  1. Thanks for this feedback and this video. I purchased a face shield today (will arrive next week), I got the microphone a few days ago (based on your previous blog) but haven’t tried it yet. I think it will be essential based on what I hear from you in this demo video. Our governor has pushed off our hybrid start date to September 8 so it seems we have some time to adjust and I’ll probably play with the microphone once the face shield arrives. Appreciate you and your honesty, thoughts, and attitude so much! We too are going back hybrid (2 days a week per cohort). Lots to think about. -Melanie

    On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 7:40 PM Loading up my little darlings with Comprehensib


  2. I always enjoy reading your blog! I love your great ideas and positive attitude about everything. Best of luck with they hybrid teaching. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. Our district is going fully online until at least November, so I’ve been working feverishly to develop materials and make recordings!


    • Oh Laura, thank you for your comment! Wishing you all the best this crazy school year!! Remember to care for yourself too!!!.


  3. I’m Canadian and can’t get the links to load (our amazon is different but often carried the same products). What is the name of this mic? Thank you for sharing your review!


  4. Thank you for the information, it helps a lot. Though you might want to fix the one word in this: If you decide that you too want a fancy little microphone, and buy it though the posted link, I will earn a small commission at no added cost to you through Amazon’s Associate Program…but if you’re uncomfortable with that, and still want a fancy little microphone, feel free to search it up and buy it another way.


  5. Hi Senora Chase

    Do you steam to students remotely while teaching in hybrid? If so how does the microphone work for both groups of students?


    • We play a game the last 20 min of class all together (the in person and at home kids) and sometimes they need to hear me (depending on what we play) I don’t stream the whole class but when we play they say it’s helpful for me to use mic. The sound just comes thru the little amplifier I wear… I think it would be best for streaming if it somehow routed thru my computer but my mic can’t do that.


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