The Google Forms Late Work Trick

Hiya Friends! Get ready to have your minds blown.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Google Forms…I’ve got my Quick Quizzes all Googleized for you here and I did a lot of Google Forms during Distance Learning last Spring… but there was just one teeny tiny little thing that bugged me about Forms….if a Little Darling submitted his form late, I wouldn’t know to go look for it to give him credit.


Leave it to the Brilliant Google Minds to have a fix for this! I just discovered this last night and I just can’t wait to tell you!! You can set your form up to send you an email when new responses are added! So, you can assign your form, take a look at their answers and enter their scores THEN turn on the “Email notification” so you’ll be notified of any late forms that come in. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, MY FRIENDS! What a time to be alive!

It’s super simple…here’s what you do: 

Create your form, give it to your kiddos, and when you have your responses, send them to a Google Sheets. Better yet, send ALL your Google Form Responses to the same sheet, so everything is nice and organized and easy to access!)

Open your Sheet with all the responses, and be prepared to be amazed…

Click “Tools” then “Notification Rules”:

Form notification

Then select “Notify me when a user submits a form” (translation: Send me an email when a Little Darling finally gets around to doing his Spanish Distance Learning). 

You can decide if you want an immediate email, or just a daily digest with the late work bundled together. Then save! You’re done! You won’t miss any more late work that slides into the Sheet without you knowing it!

Form notification 2

(Another tip: As I review their work and enter grades into the grade book, I highlight everything and change the text to blue. Any new responses will come in with black text, which tells me they need to be added into the grade book!)

How awesome is that?!?

Maybe, just maybe the 2020-2021 school year will be the year that we learn all the tricks to make us more efficient teachers! Here’s to hoping! Take care!

keeping calm during armageddon


  1. You can also do that right in the Google Form. On the Responses page, click the 2 dots next to the spreadsheet icon, and select “Get email notification for new responses”. 🙂


    • Yes!!! I’ve since discovered this which makes is possible to get separate notifications for each form when you send them all to one spreadsheet!! I need to update this post, because this way is much simpler!


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