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So you did a MovieTalk…now what? Here’s something I’ve been playing with to assess reading, and it’s a great followup activity to a MovieTalk. What’s a MovieTalk? Martina Bex explains it well here.

I like my students to read as much comprehensible Spanish as I can get in front of them, so after watching and discussing a clip during class, I usually type up the story for them to read the following class. Yesterday, with my Spanish 1s, we talked about the SOY YO video by Bomba Eséreo. (Have you seen it? I love it! It’s way to fast for my 1s to sing, but just perfect for discussing, and it has a great message to boot!)

I typed up the story in a table with each paragraph in its own box.  I also left an empty box next to each paragraph. It’s hard to describe but easier to see. Here’s the document.    In class today  students read and translated with their partner, making sure that they both totally understood the story. I was available to help with any unclear parts.

Then I projected screenshots of the video, which I had put into  a google slides presentation. Working alone, students o re-read the story, and wrote the slide number next to the paragraph that described it to demonstrate their reading comprehension.  (We did not re-watch the video before this activity, because I wanted to assess their reading comprehension, NOT their memory of the video’s events) I found that displaying 4 slides at once (in the top photo) was easier than projecting one at a time, so fast students could move on while slower students had plenty of time to finish. They were very focused, which was a huge win, considering it was my last period, full of freshmen boys, on a Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend!

Here’s another MovieTalk jumble to use with the Don Omar’s video Pura Vida. Here is the reading and here is the slideshow of screen shots.

Feel free to take it and try it! Let me know how it goes for you and your classes.

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