Rock Paper Scissor Movie Talk + Resources

We did Android’s Rock Paper Scissors Movie Talk a few weeks ago in my Spanish 1 class. It’s perfect if you teach a “School” Unit: not only will you get lots of great reps of high frequency verbs, it’s adorable and has a great message to boot!

I typed up everything into a Unit Plan that’s available on Teachers Pay Teachers… I’m really proud of this one, guys! It’s got 8 days of lesson plans, three slideshows, a Movie Talk Jumble reading assessment and a Celebration of Knowledge (test!).  It’s got everything you need to movie talk this adorable commercial AND talk to your students about bullying, in comprehensible Spanish.

Movie Talk: The Main Event

Movie Talk the heck out of this cute commercial! A Movie Talk is just another vehicle for presenting slow and comprehensible input. Describe what is happening, ask questions, make predictions, summarize their responses… don’t feel like you have to mention every single thing in the clip… you don’t want to overwhelm them with new words… just really focus on your key structures and have fun with it. Wanna see it? Well, here you go!

Some teachers like to make screen shots of a video and talk about the pictures before showing the video…I prefer to pause the video and build suspense. I love carrying around my Wireless Keyboard because it’s easy to hit the space bar to pause the video from anywhere in the room. (FYI- that’s an Amazon Associate link, which means if you click on it and buy something, the nice people at Amazon mail me a small commission, at not cost to you…just a little way to keep this blogcito up and running!)

Write and Discuss

Write and Discuss is another one of my favorite techniques. Here is my Spanish 1 class writing out this Movie Talk after just 6 weeks of Spanish 1:

Hope that’s something you can use!

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