www.senorachase.com turns 1 and there are presents!

This little blogcito turns 1 on Friday and what’s a party without presents?!

But first, just a sappy moment of reflection: Holy cow, guys! When I started writing, I just wanted to write out a  few ideas… I had no idea (or expectation, really) that people would actually read them! And comment! And email me! And recognize me in public bathrooms! (true story- happened twice.) It never crossed my mind that people would subscribe (334 of you, in fact!) and read my musings from all over the globe! I didn’t think this little piece of the internet would open opportunities like CLIC Webinar and Comprehensible Online. Crazy! You know what is even crazier? Something I never even imagined? It’s you generous people, translating my work into French, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese and Mandarin! I can’t even tell you how much that delights me! From the bottom of my heart: Merci. Grazie. Danke. Gratis tibi. ありがとうございました and 谢谢. And perhaps the most surprising of all? Not a single troll…no mean comments or emails or messages (knock on wood!).  Just teachers encouraging and sharing and learning and working to be the best CI teachers we can be! So, again, Muchísimas gracias!

For all you “Not Spanish teachers”…thanks for hanging in there with me! I’ve created a category at the top of the page called “Languages other than Spanish”…that’s where you can find all the fabulous translations, categorized by language, to make them easy to find and use. De nada 🙂

And now for the fun part!

You’ve also bought cool stuff from my Amazon Links and I made a few Amazon Dollars this past year. So, dear readers, I want to share it with you! I’ve got 3 presents I want to give you, things that I use and love in my class room that I hope you’ll use and  love too. All you have to do is comment below with “hello” written in the language you teach and where you’re reading this from (State, city, country…up to you!) That’s it! I’ll randomly draw 3 names, I’ll contact the winners for their mailing addresses and the Amazon Fairies will take care of the rest!

And so…. drum roll please…..

Present #1: Señora Chase’s Fun Pack

Giant playing cards to play The Lucky Reading Game

Colored chips for awarding points during a game.

Magnetic whiteboard spinners for making important decisions.

Present #2: Free Reading Fun Pack

(We’ll make sure this one goes to a Spanish Teacher- that’s why you have to comment in your target language. Clever, right?!)

A few of my (available on Amazon) favorites:

(To see how I leveled these books, or to see the rest of  my Free Reading library!)

Present #3: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

So awesome for Movie Talks (just hit the space bar to pause) and Write and Discuss, from anywhere in the room. My preferred spot is next to a little stinker 🙂

Go on now…comment in your target language! I’ll randomly select 3 names on Monday, January 14 at 3:00 Pacific Time! Check back to see the winners!

And the winners are….WendyS, Melisa from Michigan and Emily S! Thanks for playing!!

And I’ll just send out another plug… Want to join me at Comprehensible Online? Use code AnneMarie19 to save $25!

comprehensible online video


  1. Hola! Siempre tienes algo interesante para decir. Gracias! Empiezo con CI este lunes por primera vez y tengo miedo. ¡Ay Caramba! Dirían mis chicos 🤣


  2. Muchas gracias por todo! Voy a usar tus descripciones para los trabajos de la clase- que lindas! Y ya usé the Lucky Reading game- que divertido! Me moriría por ganar más libros para mi clase. Gracias por tu generosidad!!! Eres increíble!!


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