New books and FVR in Level 1

Yippee! New (to me!) books arrived today. I spent most of Friday’s prep perusing Mike Peto’s My Generation of Polyglots Book List and ordering the ones that I didn’t have. Really, I did it for you, guys. I did it so I could include more titles on Señora Chase’s Library by Level document. And because our Teacher’s Union and District Office announced that we were getting a 2% raise AND it would be paid retroactively AND because it landed in my bank account on Friday, I did what any sane teacher would do…bought books for my classroom. 

I haven’t had a chance to read them yet but I thumbed through them and am especially excited about Juliana by Rosana Navarro and Margarita Pérez García and La piñata de Renata by Craig Klein Dexemple. Both of these look  easy, easy, easy to read, perfect for my Spanish 1s who have just started Free Voluntary Reading.

I was hesitant to start Free Reading with my level 1s. I love FVR more than anything and I’ve had great success with my 2s and 4s but I was nervous about starting with my babies. Did they have enough Spanish under their belt to read independently? Did I have enough novice books in my library to give them choices?

We started at the beginning of March and they were excited to jump in. (I think it’s because  they’ve been staring at my books and the book reviews on the wall all year…they were ready to be a part of the action!) As it turns out, Yes and Yes! Yes, they do have enough Spanish to read independently…WIN!  And yes, I have enough novice books- they don’t have tons of options but when they’re all reading their selected book, there are probably 10 books left of my Level A,B,C shelf, so thank goodness! And there’s an unexpected benefit: my Spanish 1s blow into 3rd and 7th period like hurricanes: they’re loud and wild and I love them…but mostly class feels like I’m a Lion Tamer, trying to harness all their delightfully terrifying energy for good and not evil. Starting with free reading, even just for 6 or 7 minutes at the beginning of the class,  really calms them down and sets the tone. Thank you, Jesus! I need all the moments of CALM I can get!

I’m excited to share my new titles with my Ones tomorrow, I plan to give a short little synopsis in slow, comprehensible Spanish…which means I better sign off so I can read them before tomorrow!  ¡Buenas noches, amigos!


  1. When you have an idea of your students’ level one favorites, please share! My colleague and I will share out our ratings también, the moment we have some findings to send out! Thanks for all you do. You are my favorite blog of the moment!


    • Awww! Thanks! I’m hesitant to share my ratings because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings 🙂 if you’d like to send me a private message with your email address I’ll send you a list of the highest rated books in my library.


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