Feeling left out? Here’s some FREE PD: Señora Chase’s Video Library

So Comprehensible Online just kicked off and I’ve been binge watching all the great sessions from the CI Greats. You can still sign up…BUT…if for whatever reason the conference cost makes it unattainable for you…Don’t fear! Don’t fret! I’ve got some free videos for you!

This week I got an email asking for some videos to include in a Language Teacher Database that is being compiled to showcase different CI Skills and how they look in real classrooms with real kiddos. This morning I spend a long time digging up videos, attaching the blog post and writing a short description of each video. I sent it off to the Database Folks but I thought…hey, I spent a long time working on this project…I should share it with you too!

A word of warning:

Don’t get overwhelmed- there are SO MANY ways to load your little darlings up with Comprehensible Input- just try ONE THING. Take one skill and practice it. Get good at it. Make it your own. Adjust it to make it work for you and your kiddos.

So… here you go! Wanna watch some CI in action? Knock yourself out!

March Madness– discussing what the BBall tournament is, what the Spanish Music Version is, leading discussion about which songs they like, and dislike. Video shows High School Level 1.
Telenovela Review– Reviewing the drama of Gran Hotel, episode 4 as a review before we begin watching Episode 5. Teacher dings bell to draw students’ attending to the subjunctive. Video shows High School Level 4.
Blog Post: In progress… check back to read about how I tackle the Subjunctive in level 4.
Muévete Si- An input movement activity, brain break.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH2pq4arIlI   –Video shows High School Level 1.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KI3LUbbxMs  –Video shows High School Level 2
Card Talk- And input discussion technique —Video shows High school Level 1
Book Talk– Using Comprehensible Input to describe the plots of FVR books, to pique students’ interest and help them choose their Free Reading books. Video show high school level 1.
Blog Post: I haven’t written this one yet! But once I have a few book talks, I’ll write the post!
Write and Discuss– A technique for writing collaboratively to document a class created story, character, or to summarize the class content. Video shows High school level 1.
Visual Lecture-– Teacher illustrates while explaining to aid comprehension. Video shows High school Level 1.
Game of Quotes— A game to play after Free Reading. Video shows High School level 4.
One Word Image– Collaboratively creating a class character, video shows high school level 1.
 POP UP-– A listening comprehension game. Video shows High School level 1.
Awarding Points– After playing a game, here’s a fun way to give them more language, reinforce numbers and award the points. Video shows High School Level 1.
Parejas— A reading/listening/memory game, to review content from a novel, movie or TV show. In this example, we’re reviewing Gran Hotel, High School level 4
Lucky Reading Game-– A Reading game. Video shows High school level 1
Over their heads— A novel way to give them more input, they illustrate what the teacher says…while holding their whiteboard on top of their heads. Video shows High school level 1.
20 questions–A classic game with a CI twist. Video shows High School Level 1.
Movie Talk– A few examples of Movie talk in level 1.
Mafia— Here are some adjustments I make to the original Mafia game to make it comprehensible for Level 1 students, early in the year. Video shows High school, level 1.
Jolly Rancher– A fun activity to introduce high frequency “Has” and  “wants” on the first day of class. High School, level 1.
Telephone-– A listening game. Video shows High school level 1.
Number Shuffle– A Number listening comprehension game. Video shows High School level 1.
Where’s Waldo?-– Another novel way to give them Comprehensible input. Video shows High school level 2.
Songs and chants— Here are some of the ways I wake them up and get them moving. High School levels 1-4
Picture Talk– Using a picture to spur discussion. In this example, students had submitted baby pictures of themselves and we guessed it was, then compared their picture to how they look as a teenager. Video shows High school level 2.
How do you say? A circumlocution listening game.  Video shows High school level 2.

Blog post: https://senorachase.com/2018/02/09/como-se-dice-game/

Hope you found something that piqued your interest and want to try out!  Soooo… what’s going to be you’re one thing?



  1. OMG! God bless you! I couldn’t attend the Online Comprehensible Input conference and I’m new into CI. I really wanted some information about this and these videos are PRICELESS. Thank you very very much. Greetings from a Colombian teacher.


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