After the game is over…give ’em even more input!

I’ve discovered the secret ingredient to make any game fun…it’s luck. Maybe it’s because we live in the state of legalized gambling. Maybe it’s because kids can win the game, even if they’re not Spanish Rock Stars. Consider The Lucky Reading Game…it’s nothing more than reading and answering a few comprehension questions, but it’s just so fun!

Here’s a video I was planning on using in my Comprehensible Online session Undercover Input: Let’s Play… but I’ve filmed and edited and there’s just not time to squeeze this one in, so here it is for you!  We had just played a game (Quizlet Live, using sentences from a Movie Talk, in fact ) and the winners of each round earned Colored Poker Chips (FYI- Amazon Associate Link 🙂 Tip: If you don’t live in Nevada and your Administrator might raise an eyebrow at you passing out poker chips…just call them Plastic Counting Chips, you know, the math manipulative that elementary teachers use!)

At the end of the game I had a few minutes to fill before class was out, so I told the kiddos that each color was worth a different point value… It was great number and color practice…and all in slow and comprehensible Spanish.  It’s not something I do after every game…but something fun to change it up. Wanna see it? Well, here you go!

After the game

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